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State Licensure

Since the CRT Examination was first used for state licensure in 1985, the NBRC has fostered a strong partnership with state licensure agencies. Today, 49 states regulate respiratory care practice, and they all recognize NBRC credentials as the standards for licensure, forming the basis for reciprocity and enabling credentialed practitioners to relocate from one state to another with ease.

To ensure the value and recognition of the voluntary national credentials, the NBRC has adopted policies that permit the Therapist Multiple-Choice Examination to be administered on behalf of state agencies for legal credentialing. Candidates for state credentialing apply according to procedures established by the state. Questions concerning legal credentialing should be directed to the responsible state agency.

State Licensure Agency Representatives

Log in below to access the automated National Respiratory Care Disciplinary Database, which was jointly created by the NBRC and the AARC. The database is a repository for final disciplinary actions taken against respiratory care practitioners by state licensure agencies, the NBRC and AARC. Disciplinary actions are considered final after all appeals have been exhausted; pending actions or appeals are not maintained in the database.

Verify Credentials

Employers, verification agencies, consumers and credentialed practitioners may obtain online verification of all NBRC credentialed practitioners via the Credentialed Practitioner Directory. Credentialing information provided by the NBRC (electronic, verbal, written or otherwise) is considered primary source verification.

Credentialed Practitioners – Login to purchase an official credential verification letter, replacement certificate or wallet card.

Education Programs

Respiratory care education programs are accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC). CoARC is the sole nationally recognized authority for the accreditation of first professional degree programs in respiratory care. CoARC and its sponsoring organizations cooperate to establish, maintain and promote educational standards of quality to prepare individuals for respiratory care practice, and to provide recognition for degree-granting, post-secondary educational programs that meet the minimum requirements outlined in the Accreditation Standards of the Profession of Respiratory Care.

The CoARC publishes a listing of accredited respiratory care programs in the United States and can provide other information about the educational system.