Social Media Policy

EFFECTIVE: 1/1/2018

Social Media Policy

At the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC), we encourage community engagement on our social media pages. We welcome your questions, comments, and opinions, but we reserve the right to delete or censor comments that:

  • Violate a candidate’s and/or credentialed practitioner’s privacy (either the commenter or someone else) by sharing personal information or protected information of any kind
  • Are abusive, violent or patently offensive
  • Contain ad hominem attacks
  • Promote hate of any kind
  • Are defaming
  • Use foul, profane or derogatory language
  • Contain solicitations for other websites or spam
  • Are reported as abuse
  • Are off-topic
  • Are posted using an alias or pseudonym
  • Contain any part or portion of NBRC’s copyrighted material including but not limited to all examinations, credentials, seals, and logos
  • Any other posting which is considered inappropriate for this forum by the NBRC

All of NBRC’s examinations, credentials, seals, and logos are copyrighted material. Use or distribution of any of this material on social media, in whole or part, without written permission, may subject you to legal action and civil penalties.

Please remember, comments published on social media are public. The views and opinions expressed in comments on social media are strictly those of the individual commenter(s) and in no way represent the views and opinions of the NBRC. We assume no liability for the information therein and extend no implied or expressed warranty or guarantee of accuracy.

While we will do our best to respond to comments, we cannot reply to every comment, particularly those that deal with an individual candidate or credentialed practitioner. Likewise, we can not monitor every posting on a real-time basis.

If the NBRC follows an account/page, includes an account/page in a list or re-shares messages from an account/page that the NBRC does not own, this does not constitute an endorsement.

The posting and presence of content on social media sites do not necessarily mean that the NBRC agrees with the content, ensures its accuracy or otherwise approves of it. Postings on any social media site do not constitute a binding representation, agreement or an endorsement on the part of the NBRC.

We thank you for your interest in the NBRC and look forward to an ongoing discussion about what’s important to the respiratory care profession.