Ensuring Excellence in Respiratory Care

As a program director or director of clinical education, it’s important to you that your students achieve professional excellence and excel at providing high quality patient care. At the NBRC, we support you by establishing comprehensive competency testing and credentialing for the respiratory care practitioners of today and tomorrow.

Credentials from the NBRC provide your graduates with the esteemed recognition they deserve for their hard work and study, along with ongoing support for continuous professional growth. That includes career and leadership advancement opportunities through specialty credentialing in the areas of adult critical care, neonatal/pediatric respiratory care, pulmonary function technology, and sleep disorders testing and therapeutic intervention.

Nearly 30,000 candidates take our credentialing examinations each year. Working together, we can help your students understand the value of the rigorous competency testing required for credentialing and licensure. Like you, we want them to embrace and embody the sentiment that, as credentialed respiratory care practitioners, “EXCELLENCE defines us.”

Our Services for Accredited Schools

The NBRC offers a wide range of helpful services at no charge for accredited schools. Services available to you include:

  • Entering/editing student information in the NBRC School Portal
  • Various reports, including annual school summaries, verification of credentials, and verification of passing scores on Written Registry and Clinical Simulation Examination
  • Entering/editing User Information
  • Standard and Comprehensive Self-Assessment Examinations (SAEs) available for ordering online
  • Accessing group summary reports and comparing students’ results

If you are not currently enrolled with the NBRC for these free services, please contact our Executive Office or email us requesting more information.

Self-Assessment Examinations (SAEs): Tools for Educators

Standard and Comprehensive SAEs are available for program directors to order online. Comprehensive SAEs are secure forms of the Self-Assessment Examinations, and they can only be purchased and used by accredited respiratory care education programs. Comprehensive SAEs are currently available for the Therapist Multiple-Choice Examination (TMC) and Clinical Simulation Examination (CSE).

Volume discounts are available at the time of purchase when ordering 10 or more of the same SAE. Program directors can also access special online group summary reports detailing student performance. The web-based testing system is designed to provide on-demand reports with the results of student examinations. Four different summary reports available:

Summary Part I contains a roster of your students who have completed the examination to date. The report includes individual ID numbers (as a unique identifier), name, date the examination was completed, and the total raw score achieved on the examination. This report also computes the average overall score for the individuals completing the examination within the specified date range.

Summary Part II provides more detailed information regarding the performance of the class and/or an individual who has completed the examination to date. This report shows the maximum score possible by content area and computes the average score by class, school, and all individuals who have completed this form of the examination within the specified date range.

Summary Part III is an item statistics report that provides the following information for each question on the examination, based on examinations completed within the specified date range:

  • Number of students in this group selecting this option (correct answer will be in bold type)
  • Percentage (p) of students selecting each option
  • Average overall test score for students selecting each option
  • Point biserial correlation (rpb), which describes the relationship between students’ performance on each question with their overall examination performance

Summary Part IV is a list of students who have registered, but have not yet completed the examination, regardless of the date range specified. If you have indicated a specific testing period in which the students must complete the examination, you will be able to provide reminders to those who have not yet finished.

Comprehensive SAEs are only intended to be used in a secure, proctored environment. For information on ordering the secure SAEs, view our detailed instructions or contact PSI at 833.256.1424 or


Purchase a Voucher

If your educational institution plans to cover the cost of the NBRC credentialing examinations for students, an online prepay option is available for your convenience. Simply follow the link below to purchase a prepaid voucher. Once your payment is made, you will receive a voucher code that your student can use as payment when applying for the exam.

Important items to know before purchasing a voucher:

• Vouchers may be purchased for any combination of exams
• Each prepaid voucher covers the application fee for one exam
• Vouchers my not be redeemed for cash or used for other NBRC services/products
• Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase
• Vouchers are only redeemable online
• Distribute voucher codes to exam candidates as needed when they are ready to apply for an examination
• Exam candidates will enter their voucher code online when applying for the exam
• All eligibility requirements apply