Welcome Jon C. Inkrott, RRT, RRT-ACCS, to the NBRC Board of Trustees

Please help us welcome our newest Board member, Jon C. Inkrott, RRT, RRT-ACCS. Before joining our Board, Jon was a consultant with us for the past two years serving on both the Clinical Simulation Examination Committee and the Adult Critical Care Specialty Examination Committee.

Jon attended the State College of Florida in Bradenton. He has been a respiratory therapist for 30 years and a flight RT for 12 years at AdventHealth Orlando with the Department of Flight Medicine and EMS Operations. Jon brings us a wealth of knowledge, experience and pride in the respiratory care profession.

“I have a passion for taking care of people at what is probably their most vulnerable and also scariest times of their life. I like making an impact on people’s lives and doing that as a collaborative team member. That’s what defines us!”

Jon’s motto is, “I’m a respiratory therapist. Your best friend on your worst day!” When he isn’t busy saving lives 25,000 feet up in the sky, Jon loves spending time on the beach, spoiling his pets, golfing and going to Disney World.

“I have always said that this profession will give back what you put into it. I beg of my colleagues, be the positive change! Never be a part of the problem but be the solution. I practice in a helicopter and a jet. I get to travel the state, the nation and the world being a respiratory therapist. I wouldn’t change a thing!”