The Collaborative Partnership Between the NBRC and the ATS

The NBRC and the American Thoracic Society (ATS) have an enduring relationship that aligns with our shared commitment to advancing respiratory care and enhancing patient outcomes. The ATS is a renowned professional organization comprising over 16,000 members, including physicians, researchers, and other healthcare professionals dedicated to accelerating the advancement of global respiratory health. Key areas of member focus include developing clinical practice guidelines, hosting the annual ATS International Conference, publishing four peer-reviewed journals, advocating for improved respiratory health globally and developing an array of patient education and career development resources. Together, the NBRC and the ATS serve the same goal to promote clinical excellence in respiratory care through collaboration, education and advocacy.

The ATS nominates three physicians to the NBRC Board of Trustees. A position on the NBRC’s Board allows ATS members to contribute their expertise and insights to ensure that NBRC examinations remain comprehensive, relevant, and reflective of current practice in respiratory care. By collaborating with the ATS, the NBRC fosters a culture of interdisciplinary teamwork and mutual respect, recognizing the indispensable role that respiratory therapists play in optimizing patient outcomes and improving overall health.

The annual ATS International Conference creates opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and professional development among RTs and physicians. Each year, the NBRC exhibits at the ATS International Conference to continue contributing to conversations about respiratory clinical excellence, and this year will be no different. ATS 2024 San Diego will offer the latest information on clinical, basic, and translational science in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. To learn more about the ATS International Conference and some of the other places the NBRC plans on going this year, check out our comprehensive itinerary.

The collaborative partnership between the NBRC and the ATS is one example of many that demonstrate the collective effort to advance the field of respiratory care and uphold the highest standards of professionalism and patient care. Through shared expertise, dedication, and mutual support, our collaborative organizations continue to empower respiratory therapists and physicians to excel in their practice and make a meaningful difference in the lives of respiratory patients.