Use COOL To Explore NBRC Credentials

The NBRC is seeking interested active-duty military members to join the growing ranks of respiratory care practitioners. United States military members can learn about the benefit of NBRC credentials and explore cost-saving opportunities while performing service duties using the Department of Defense (DOD) Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) Program. Earning an NBRC credential can serve as a crucial stepping-stone for both military and civilian career advancement.

What is COOL?

COOL is the result of inter-service collaboration to steadily increase the professionalization of military members. This program offers opportunities and resources for service members to earn civilian credentials that align with their military skills and duties. The Army, Navy and Coast Guard all offer support for NBRC credentials as part of their respective COOL programs designed to match service-specific occupations. All NBRC credentials earned during military service are transferrable to civilian roles upon completion of service.

NBRC credentials also benefit from several service-specific funding programs that can cover or reimburse costs associated with obtaining a respiratory credential, such as the Army’s Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program.

To learn more about COOL and the benefit of earning civilian credentials, go to the DOD’s website and select a service branch’s COOL portal.