‘Credentialing Specialist’ Certification

NBRC employees Jenny Banek, Kellie Carroll, and Nate Hagemann, have recently joined an elite group by achieving a ‘Credentialing Specialist’ certificate from the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE). This program consists of eight rigorous, self-paced, online courses required to be completed within a six-month time frame. After this, a competency assessment of each of the learning objectives must be passed.

ICE is a professional membership association providing education and resources for organizations and individuals who serve the credentialing industry. It is a leading standards developer for both certification and certificate programs.

Earning a ‘Credentialing Specialist’ certificate indicates an understanding of the knowledge, skills, and tasks required in the field of certification essential to developing, implementing, and maintaining a quality certification program.

Here’s what Jenny had to say about her accomplishment, “While I considered myself very knowledgeable and skilled in the tasks associated with test development before earning my certificate as a ‘Credentialing Specialist’, the knowledge I gained in other areas of certification programs, i.e. operational management, governance, and legal issues, has enabled me to think and contribute to NBRC goals and initiatives in a more holistic manner. I am better prepared to participate in wide-ranging discussions on how to better serve our constituents and advance the professional field of respiratory care”.

Kellie points out how attaining the certificate has increased her knowledge of examination development and improved her understanding of the customer service aspects of the NBRC, “My background in the clinical area of the respiratory therapy profession means that much of the credentialing process is new to me. The lessons covered in this certificate program expanded my knowledge of the credentialing system and how my role within the Credential Maintenance Program fits into the entire process”.


Nate explains how earning the certificate will help him perform his job more effectively by bringing him a “better understanding of the holistic interaction of the organization with those who benefit from the standard of competence NBRC upholds”.

Please join us in congratulating Jenny, Kellie, and Nate!