CMP Participation

The Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) is an ongoing process of learning, self-evaluation and clinical improvement in which practitioners participate to maintain NBRC credentials. Respiratory patients and their families can rest assured NBRC credentialed practitioners are actively learning and staying up to date with the most current medical knowledge and guidelines through the CMP. The CMP has three options to maintain credentials: 1) take quarterly assessments and/or document up to 30 continuing education (CE) credits, 2) earn another NBRC credential, or 3) pass the same credentialing examination again.

Beginning January 1, 2020, all practitioners holding credentials with an expiration date will participate in the CMP regardless of their certification cycle. The quarterly assessment option is an effective and convenient way to demonstrate competency and knowledge. Performance on the assessments will determine if CE needs to be documented with the NBRC. Practitioners may choose to continue to document 30 hours of CE rather than participate in the assessments.

For more information about the CMP, visit our FAQ page at or click here. If you still have questions, contact our Customer Care Specialists at 913.895.4900 or