Test Center Safety Protocols

PSI now has over 98% of testing facilities open. The safety and well-being of candidates, their staff, and the entire community is a top priority. Below are the latest safety protocols.


  • A health questionnaire will continue to be provided to candidates prior to the examination (https://www.psionline.com/wp-content/uploads/PSI-COVID-19-Candidate-Questionnaire.pdf). An update to the questionnaire is the mandate that ALL candidates must wear face masks at all times while in the test center.
  • Candidates MUST complete the questionnaire and bring it with them on their testing day. If a candidate fails to bring the required questionnaire, one will be provided on-site.
  • If a candidate answers, “yes” to any of the first four questions, they will need to reschedule their exam. Candidates should not travel to the test center where they will be denied admission. Candidates should use the self-service option (https://www.psionline.com/test-takers/) or contact PSI via email (examschedule@psionline.com) or call 800-733-9267 to reschedule their exam.
  • If a candidate fails to bring and wear a face mask during the examination, they will be requested to leave the test site.
  • Candidates will be requested to remove the face mask briefly during check-in to verify identity as well as capture the photograph of the candidate.
  • Candidates may wear gloves during the examination. Gloves will need to be examined by the test site administrator during check-in and check-out.
  • Candidates are required to discard face masks and gloves outside of the PSI test site in a safe and sanitary manner.

PSI Employees

  • Test site administrators are being provided face masks, hand sanitizers, and antibacterial wipes.
  • Candidates may be requested to wait outside of the building or in the hallway during the candidate check-in process to allow for safe distancing in the lobby area.
  • All testing equipment will be thoroughly wiped down following each test administration.

All test centers will continue to have signage reminding candidates of the social distancing protocols. On the signage, candidates will see the main PSI support number or email examschedule@psionline.com.