Consultants: Making a Difference

“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.” -Tom Brokaw

The NBRC Board of Trustees generously volunteer their time, but did you know our consultants also volunteer to serve on our examination committees? They are an essential component of our success.

Consultants supplement each of our examination committees, bringing specialized knowledge and serving as subject matter experts to help evaluate and refine content to ensure we have the best exams possible.

Invited by the president of the NBRC, each consultant term is one year, renewable by the president for additional one-year periods. When a new consultant comes aboard, each is paired with an experienced board member as a mentor to provide support and serve as a valuable resource as they acclimate to the position.

We are incredibly grateful to all of our consultants for freely giving their time in serving not only their committees with enthusiasm and dedication but the respiratory profession.

Kudos to our 2020 NBRC Consultants – we couldn’t do what we do without you!

Therapist Multiple-Choice Examination Committee

Gopal Allada, MD

Natalie M. Harris Shelton, BHS, RRT, RRT-ACCS

Hayfa Shakkour-Perez, RRT, RRT-NPS, RRT-SDS

Clinical Simulation Examination Committee

Hilda Robinson, BS, RRT, RRT-NPS

Linda L. Stone, MS, RRT, RRT-ACCS, CPFT

Pulmonary Function Technology Examination Committee

David A. Kaminsky, MD, FCCP

Renee D. Kiourkas, MSRA, RRT, RPFT

Ralph W. Stumbo, Jr., RRT, CPFT

Adult Critical Care Specialty Examination Committee

Monica Raich, BSBS, RRT, RRT-ACCS

Gopal Allada, MD

Linda L. Stone, MS, RRT, RRT-ACCS, CPFT

Neonatal/Pediatric Specialty Examination Committee

Ariel Berlinski, MD, FAAP

Marianna M. Sockrider, MD, DrPH, AE-C

Sleep Disorders Specialty Examination Committee

Tonya M. Brooks, BHS, RRT, RRT-SDS

Troy Griffen, BS, RRT, RRT-SDS, RPSGT, CCSH, Rst

Victoria McMichael, RRT, RRT-NPS, RRT-SDS

Barbara A. Phillips, MD, MSPH, FCCP

Investment Advisory Committee

Robert D. Regnier

If you are interested in learning more about consultants or getting involved with the NBRC, contact Dr. Robert Shaw, NBRC VP of Examinations at