Specialty Credentials Are Your Path to Excellence

Acquiring an NBRC specialty credential is a challenge that serves as a true demonstration of the skills and strengths required to provide the highest quality respiratory patient care. Awarded to only the most dedicated and steadfast practitioners, specialty credentials prove to yourself and others that you can go above and beyond the standard.

Specializing in various areas of respiratory care through credentialing not only signals your commitment to excellence but also sets you apart in the eyes of employers and colleagues. Whether you focus on adult critical care (ACCS), neonatal/pediatric respiratory care (NPS), pulmonary function technology (PFT), sleep disorders testing and therapeutic intervention (SDS), or asthma education (AE-C), your specialization showcases your up-to-date expertise across multiple facets of respiratory care. This translates into improved access to specialized care for patients and opens a world of enhanced career prospects and professional fulfillment for you.

Whether you seek to excel in your career or for your own personal satisfaction, earning specialty credentials will always instill immense pride and fast-track your path to high-salaried opportunities. Stay tuned for a series of insightful articles as we explore the remarkable journey of achieving NBRC credentials. Discover the immense value these credentials bring to respiratory care professionals and create endless possibilities for you in this rewarding field.