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Ensure your credentials continue to have value and meaning.

We’ve been credentialing RTs, supporting the respiratory care education system and enhancing the quality of the respiratory care profession since 1960. Whether you are currently practicing or not, your $25 annual payment supports our efforts to maintain continued recognition and value of your credentials, along with helping maintain the costs of credentialing examinations and research that’s necessary to keep the examinations current. When you choose to make your annual payment, you provide evidence of your qualifications and commitment to the respiratory care community.

The World Needs More RTs

COVID-19 made it evident there is a need for more RTs which has sparked some challenges we now face. The rapid surge of respiratory patients increased work hours and stress levels across the board. Burnout levels reached an all-time high and many RTs decided to leave the profession. We also saw a huge spike in RTs leaving full-time employment to join more profitable traveling respiratory care teams across the country.

We recognize the impact of the growing shortage of respiratory therapists (RTs) and continue to work towards growing the profession. Please join us in helping address the need and change for a better, brighter future in respiratory care.

This year, we continue to use our collaborative website with the AARC and CoARC to increase recognition of the difference you make in patients’ lives and the call for more RTs. If interested, we can help you share your own experiences to reach more people and make a difference as one collective voice. Our 2024 goals are to:

  • Raise public awareness of the value of the respiratory care profession.
  • Recruit and retain more respiratory therapists.
  • Identify, shape and inspire new leadership in the profession.

The Pathway to Recertify Your NBRC Credentials

Our Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) is the pathway to recertify your NBRC credentials and requires a total fee of $125 for your five-year credential cycle. We encourage you to submit your annual payment in increments of $25 to avoid making the full payment in your final year. Your payment also helps maintain the costs of credentialing examinations (we’ve maintained the same prices for 23 years) and a portion facilitates funding for research that’s necessary to keep them relevant.