Survey Participation for NBRC’s Credential Maintenance Program

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The National Board for Respiratory Care plans to revise the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) by constructing annual assessments designed to stimulate learning. If you would like to represent respiratory therapists for this critical study, we ask that you take time to submit your survey responses. Study results will define the content and design of the CMP assessment.

We ask individuals who meet the following description to register for the survey:

I spend at least one-quarter of my work time providing, teaching, or supervising respiratory care since achieving the CRT or RRT credential after June 2002.

If you conclude that your participation is ruled out by this statement, but you know of someone who would provide valuable information, feel free to direct them to the news section of where the registration for the survey can be accessed.

By responding to this survey, you are contributing to the decisions about the content you will see as a participant in the CMP. It may take up to 45 minutes to complete the survey. You may stop and return until you finish. All information, including your survey responses and email address, will remain confidential.

You must first register for the survey. The registration due date is May 22, 2018.


If you have difficulties with the registration page, please contact Jennifer Benavente at

Thank you for your assistance.