Education Audit Policy

The NBRC recently implemented a policy to audit graduation information submitted electronically via the School Portal. Auditing electronic graduation information is a routine part of NBRC’s commitment to ensuring the integrity of the credentialing system. Audits are conducted randomly upon receipt of electronic graduation information. Every attempt will be made to verify graduation with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). In cases where we are unable to verify graduation through the NSC, candidates must submit official transcripts to the NBRC.

An education audit will not affect a graduate’s ability to apply for and/or schedule and take an NBRC examination. NBRC will review audit documentation and respond within approximately two weeks after receipt of documentation. Those who pass the audit will be informed via email. Those who do not pass the audit will be sent a letter notifying them of their ineligibility for future examinations or revocation of their certification, if applicable.