Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) – Pilot

We are off to a great start! The pilot for the new Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) was seamlessly implemented in January. Practitioners who earned specialty credentials in the 4th quarter of 2018, and those earning specialty credentials in 2019, are currently eligible to participate in the assessments.

Early feedback from participating practitioners has been very positive. At the time of publishing, 222 practitioners are currently eligible for the pilot and 36 have started or completed 39 assessments. After answering a question, participants are asked to rate how confident they are about their answer, as well as how relevant the question is to their credential. We are pleased to report a high percentage of practitioners feel most questions are very relevant to their credential.

We are encouraged by this and it reiterates our goal of strengthening the relationship between competencies of credential holders and expectations linked to those credentials. As the pilot phase continues we hope all credentialed practitioners find value and meaning by participating in the assessments.

Detailed content outlines for the CMP are available at to help you become familiar with the content you will encounter when taking the assessments. These outlines provide the number of questions you can expect for a one-year period and describe the content areas and complexity levels (recall, application, analysis). In order to continue to cover emerging hot topics in respiratory therapy, new assessment questions will be created and added each year. This ensures the questions asked will be timely and relevant to the practitioner.

The pilot phase will wrap up in December and assessments will become available for all credentials earned on or after January 1, 2020. For current practitioners and those earning a credential in 2019, the current continuing competency program will remain in place.

Still have questions about the CMP?

Our Customer Service Specialists can answer all your questions at 913.895.4900 or at You may also click here or head over to to check out the CMP FAQs in our document library.