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CHOOSE ONE: Every Breath Counts

A Campaign to Give Back to the Profession of Respiratory Care

As a credentialed respiratory care practitioner, you understand the lifesaving connections between your work and patient advocacy organizations that share your goal of saving and improving lives. Through the CHOOSE ONE: Every Breath Counts campaign, the NBRC Board of Trustees invites you to join us and your fellow practitioners in making a collective difference: helping to fund research and patient advocacy in many areas of respiratory care.


NBRC credentialed practitioners have contributed to CHOOSE ONE since October 13, 2020.

How It Works

Through this give-back initiative, you can let your credentials help change the world for the better – and it actually costs you nothing extra to participate. That’s because we’ve built the entire program into our annual credential maintenance fee.

Every year, we will donate a portion of your credential maintenance fee to the patient advocacy organization of your choice. We will select three new organizations for you to choose from each year. When you receive your invoice for the annual credential maintenance fee (or annual support, for those who are not subject to credential maintenance), you will be asked to choose an organization to support.

Your Choices for 2021 Contributions

For 2021, we selected the following organizations because we are all working toward the same vision: making life better for people with respiratory illnesses.

The COPD Foundation is focused on improving the lives of those affected by and stopping the progression of COPD and related disorders through scientific research, education, and awareness.

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation is the leading patient advocacy organization of pulmonary fibrosis and is committed to funding research to find effective therapies and, hopefully one day, a cure.

The National Sleep Foundation is dedicated to improving health and well-being through sleep education and advocacy and are committed to advancing excellence in sleep health theory, research, and practice.

Hear What People Are Saying


“I am so happy to see this collaboration of respiratory care and these organizations coming together!”

— Sarah


“What a great way to motivate and inspire therapists to participate and support our profession.”

— Jean

Anne Marie

“I love the initiative, as it gives our practitioners an added voice.”

— Anne Marie


“I am excited to see the comradery for such an important campaign! Thank You!”

— Clare


“Thank you NBRC, for making it so easy to support a great cause.”

— Saul


“I love this collaboration of breathing advocates!”

— Sarah


“ What a wonderful idea! Thank you for implementing this program.”

— Patricia


“ I love the program, it can help others and make difference in people’s life and live our greatest desire to give the best care and attention to those that need it. “

— Joina


“ I think this’s a great idea and way to contribute to such a good cause. “

— Nataly


“ Good way to encourage motivate and inspire other therapists to participate in our profession! “

— Jeanesa


“I am all in! Fantastic!”

— Patty


“ I think this is excellent! “

— Anne

The Greater Good

At the NBRC, our core values call on us to support stewardship in our communities of interest. To fulfill our social purpose, we leverage our time, talent and resources to further elevate the respiratory care profession and support healthy communities. The CHOOSE ONE: Every Breath Counts campaign is part of our mission-driven approach to giving back and engaging our credentialed practitioners in that core value.

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