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Looking Back at 2023

Looking back at 2023, we both can’t help but feel proud. From RT graduates just stepping past the threshold into their new careers, to seasoned RTs, we are proud of the difference RTs make each year that aligns with the NBRC’s goal for excellence in respiratory care. Let’s look at some of the things the […]

Help Patients Reach Their Dreams With the SDS Credential

The Sleep Disorders Specialty, or CRT-SDS/RRT-SDS credential, is a specialty credential developed to validate the knowledge and skills of a registered respiratory therapist who performs sleep disorders testing and therapeutic intervention. Beyond general respiratory care activities, it focuses on competencies unique to diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. Since 1977, the NBRC has maintained accreditations for […]

Excel in Your Career With the PFT Credential

The Pulmonary Function Technology (PFT) Examination evaluates the skills required of pulmonary function technologists. When you earn the CPFT/RPFT certification, it signals to employers that your skills meet a threshold for clinical excellence, and it serves as a badge of honor for the important work you do in the world of respiratory care. The NBRC […]

NBRC Honors Jimmy A. Young’s Memory

An outstanding and dedicated leader, Jimmy Albert Young’s contributions to respiratory care left an unmistakable mark on the profession. After earning his RRT in 1965, he led a distinguished career in management and education when respiratory therapy was still relatively new. From humble beginnings, he laid the foundation for the world of respiratory therapy we […]

The Little Things Matter the Most With the NPS Credential

The Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care Specialty (NPS) credential validates the skills, knowledge, and expertise of a respiratory therapist in the care of infants and children. Respiratory therapists working in this highly specialized area must possess a wide range of unique skills that go far beyond those of a general practitioner and perform competencies that navigate a […]

Help Others Breathe Easy With the AE-C Credential

Asthma affects adults and children of all ages. A certified asthma educator can enhance an individual’s understanding of treating and managing their disease, even those who have been managing their asthma for years. The Asthma Educator Specialist examination measures comprehensive knowledge of asthma pathophysiology and management, including developmental theories, cultural dimensions, the impact of chronic […]