2022 Respiratory Care Scholarships and Awards

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Who wants to win some money?! This year, we have several exciting opportunities to apply for scholarships and awards. Through our support of the American Respiratory Care Foundation (ARCF) and The Lambda Beta Society, we’re able to continue to promote and advance the respiratory care profession with our contributions to scholarships and awards.

We’ve also launched our 2022 Choose to Give campaign. This movement supports the long-term recruitment, retention and advancement of respiratory therapists (RTs). RTs can help make a collective difference by designating a portion of their annual NBRC fee (at no additional cost) to fund scholarships, grants and awards for current and future practitioners. We hope all of our ongoing efforts will help address the rising shortage of RTs, and ultimately improve care for the growing number of patients who need respiratory therapy.

The following awards and scholarships from The Lambda Beta Society and ARCF support respiratory care students’ and practitioners’ educational journeys. They will be presented in November at the annual American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) International Congress in New Orleans.



Apply by May 31, 2022

Any student currently enrolled in a respiratory care program at a Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) accredited school may apply. These awards also include $750 in travel expenses and full registration to this year’s AARC International Congress. Candidates must meet application requirements.

Frederic Helmholz, MD Scholarship – Up to $2,500

Presented on the merit of an independent, original narrative review of literature related to respiratory care practice.

To apply for the Frederic Helmholz, MD Scholarship, click here.

CoARC Stephen P. Mikles, EdD, RRT, FAARC Media Award – $2,000

Presented on the merit of an original presentation relevant to respiratory care. Acceptable formats include PowerPoint, or other digital presentation platforms, and video presentations.

To apply for the CoARC Stephen P. Mikles, EdD, RRT, FAARC Media Award, click here.

NBRC/Hill Leadership Award – Up to $2,000

Presented to a student who has shown exemplary leadership in their educational career and volunteer and community service.

To apply for the NBRC/Hill Leadership Award, click here.

Visit lambdabeta.org for award rubrics, checklists and applications.



Apply by June 1, 2022

ARCF has several award opportunities. The following are awards endowed by the NBRC. In addition to any cash award and recognition certificate, these awards also include airfare, lodging and registration for AARC Congress.

Frederic Helmholz, MD Educational Research Fund – Up to $5,000

Awarded to qualified investigators in the field of respiratory care for educational or credentialing research.

NBRC Gareth B. Gish, MS, RRT, Memorial Postgraduate Education Recognition Award – Up to $5,000

Presented to a respiratory therapist pursuing postgraduate education leading to an advanced degree.

NBRC William W. Burgin, Jr., MD & Robert M. Lawrence, MD Education Recognition Award – Up to $7,500

Presented to a third- or fourth-year student enrolled in a CoARC-accredited respiratory therapy program leading to a baccalaureate degree.

NBRC Gary A. Smith Educational Award for Innovation in Education Achievement – $2,500

Presented to an individual who uses innovative educational methods in formal respiratory care education programs, clinical education training programs and patient education programs that address current challenges in respiratory care education.

Visit arcfoundation.org for more information and applications.