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Accredited Schools Services ​​​​​​​​​

In an effort to improve the services of the NBRC, we have enhanced the accredited schools services. The options include entering/editing Student Information into the Electronic Eligibility Database (EED); generating various Reports (i.e., school summary reports, verifying credentials, verifying Written Registry and Clinical Simulation Examination passers, annual school summary); and entering/editing User Information.

Accredited Education Program Directors can place group orders for the NBRC Standard and *Comprehensive Self-Assessment Examinations (SAE) online! Online group orders will be processed and confirmation e-mails sent instantly. (NOTE: Volume discounts are available at the time of purchase, if requested and taken, when ordering 10 or more of the same SAE.) Program directors will be able to access online group summary reports detailing their students’ performance in comparison to all who have taken the specific SAE to date. For more information, review the document outlining instructions for placing Online SAE Group orders listed on the top left side of this page.

* Comprehensive SAEs are secure forms of the SAEs and can only be purchased and used by accredited respiratory care education programs. They are only intended to be used in a secure, proctored environment.

If you are not currently enrolled with the NBRC for these free services, please contact the Executive Office or send an e-mail to us requesting more information. To Login to the Accredited Schools Services, click the School Login link in the Links area at the left of this page.​​​


Respiratory care education programs are accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC). CoARC is the sole nationally recognized authority for the accreditation of first professional degree programs in respiratory care. CoARC and its sponsoring organizations cooperate to establish, maintain, and promote educational standards of quality to prepare individuals for respiratory care practice, and to provide recognition for degree-granting, postsecondary educational programs that meet the minimum requirements outlined in the Accreditation Sta​ndards of the Profession of Respiratory Care.

The CoARC publishes a listing of accredited respiratory care programs in the United States and can provide other information about the educational system. For more information, visit the CoARC website here.

Secure Comprehensive SAEs

Secure Comprehensive Self-Assessment Examinations (SAEs)
Available only to Accredited Education Program Directors

The "Comprehensive SAEs" are secure forms of the Self-Assessment Examinations and can only be purchased and used by accredited respiratory care education programs. Comprehensive SAEs are developed for the CRT, RRT Written and Clinical Simulation Examinations.

Program directors can access special online group summary reports (see below) detailing their student’s performance in comparison to all who have taken the examination to date. There are four different summary reports available that can be accessed at any time to track your students’ progress. The Web testing system has been designed to instantly report the results of students’ examinations in real time. For information on ordering the secure SAEs, please review the instructions for placing online orders​ or contact the NBRC’s subsidiary, Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP), at (913) 895-4900, ext. 4828 or info@goAMP.com.

Summary Part I contains a roster of your students who have completed the examination to date. The report includes the individuals ID number (as a unique identifier), name, date the examination was completed, and the total raw score achieved on the examination. This report also computes the average overall score for the individuals completing the examination within the specified date range.

Summary Part II provides more detailed information regarding the performance of the class and/or an individual who has completed the examination to date. This report shows the maximum score possible by content area, and computes the average score by class, school, and all individuals who have completed this form of the examination within the specified date range.

Summary Part III is an item statistics report that provides the following information for each question on the examination, based on examinations completed within the specified date range: number of students in this group selecting this option (correct answer will be in bold type), percentage (p) of students selecting each option, average overall test score for students selecting each option, and the point biserial correlation (rpb) – this describes the relationship between students’ performance on each question with their overall examination performance.

Summary Part IV is a list of students that have registered, but have not yet completed the examination, regardless of the date range specified. If you have indicated a specific testing period in which the students must complete the examination, you will be able to provide reminders to those who have not yet finished.

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